How to Get Hired during Tough Economy

Getting hired during tough economy is a hard task. Because of recession, companies are not actively seeking candidates for various positions. It is just logical that they do not seek additional employees because they cannot even provide a decent salary for their current employees. Because of the lack of willing employers to hire new employees, a single vacancy can be vied for hundreds of candidates. This is bad news for everyone since competition will certainly be fierce and getting the attention of the employer is very difficult.

The difficulty of getting the nod of employers or even of screeners has pushed some job seekers to desperation. Some job seekers have opted to wear wacky clothes or even provide some strange gifts just to get the notice of the possible employers. Their goal is to gain the attention of the possible employer and with creativity; they were able to get the attention of everyone.

But even though they gained the attention of virtually everyone, they will never be able to reach their ultimate goal: getting the vacant position. They have become a sideshow which could help them gain 15 minutes of fame. Still, they are out of work because they cannot prove anything else except they can be a bit creative.

Most employers will find the gimmicks amusing and really attention grabbing but other than the fact that you can be creative, nothing will be noted. In fact, if you become gimmicky just to get their attention, you can be assured that you will never be hired and your reputation ruined. The power of the internet and media can spread quickly. If you gain enough attention, your reputation as a gimmicky candidate will spread. Companies will think twice of hiring you because of what you did in the past.

Professionalism is still valued by most, if not all, employers. They want their candidates to be presentable and proper during the job process. This is in contrast with the idea of being gimmicky since professionalism will highlight what matters most for the employers. By being professional, you rely on your previous experience and knowledge so that you will be the ideal candidate for the job.

But there are still small ways on how you can be creative without drawing ire from your potential employers. Here are some suggestions:

Revise your cover letter – Your employer must have read hundreds of cover letters that says the same thing. Revise your cover letter by rewriting everything. Present yourself in another light and not just any regular cover letter.

Build a resume website – If you really want to express your creativity, do it online. Create a personal website wherein you can identify your skills and experience. But don’t overdo your website. Simply present what you can do so that your data will be easy to understand.

Build personal connection – Being creative is not just on getting their attention. You also have to be creative on how you can communicate with the possible employer. Use networking so that you can personally communicate to the potential employer instead of the regular hiring process.

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