Delaying Career for Better Future

It is already common knowledge that the country is having a hard time dealing with recession especially on employment. As the unemployment rate is on its highest in three decades, more and more skilled and experienced workers find themselves out of job and unable to find one.

Companies are not yet ready to pick up new employees as they do not see the need for now. Most economic experts say that the country will only start to improve economically in 2010. But for now, the country has to deal with massive job loss and those who are out of work have to be smarter on how to deal with this situation.

Barking at the Wrong Tree

If you are a fresh graduate, your natural course of action after graduation is to find a job. But you are currently in a very special position. As a fresh graduate, you wanted to immediately deal with your finances since you want to be financially independent.

Aside from that fact, you also want to deal with your college student loan as soon as possible. For every month of missed payment, a little interest rate is added to your student loan which could balloon if you do not start paying.

But that does not mean you will be granted with a job based on your financial conditions. Companies still wanted to work with employees who will provide better than expected productivity. For that reason, they would usually go for those who are experienced and have the education. You do have the education but you do not have the experience and with the current unemployment rate, there is a big chance that one of the applicants is more experienced.

That is why you might be fighting a war that you cannot win. No matter how much you try, you just cannot find a job.

But the good news is that it is only temporary. Unemployment rate will not really sink low as it will slowly start to pick up as soon as the economy will improve. For now, finding work and establishing career might be difficult.

Taking Time and Gaining Experience

Instead of forcing yourself to gain a career immediately, why do not you start small and gain experience? Although it might not be a career, you will definitely gain experience in the process.

For almost every career in different industries imaginable, there is always a small job that consistently hires new persons. You should be able to find one fast which will give you that relative experience while you wait for the industry to improve and start hiring more people.

If you focus on gaining accepted in a job that could translate into a career, you will just have a hard time doing just that since you do not have any experience. But if you start small while on the look out for opportunity, you slowly improve your resume and increase your chances of getting hired. It is a little bit challenging to find work right now, but if you wait while improving your resume, you can start strong when everything is back to normal.

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