How to Avoid Recession Anxiety

How to Avoid Recession Anxiety

There are fresh graduates who are very lucky in finding a job even with the tough economy. As they have proven their worth through their education and relative experience, a company opted to hire them. Even with recession, these fresh graduates are earning relatively well which gave them the chance to fix their financial problem.

Ask any fresh graduate who is currently in this situation and be assured of a satisfied answer as they are part of the lucky few who was able to secure a job even with recession. Their career has already started and would definitely improve once recession is over. 

A company that still hires today is not immune to recession. There could be day that they will implement job cuts since recession has started to affect the industry. When this happens, those who are terminated will have to deal with the reality while those who are staying will be affected as well.

Fresh graduates in this position will definitely feel the pressure and anxiety that they could be terminated next. Their fear is actually logical – since they are new in the company, they could be the first ones to be terminated because of their inexperience.

If anxiety happens, almost everything will crumble. Productivity will certainly drop since you can’t easily concentrate in your job if every moment is a tense moment. Calls from their boss could mean termination or just another assignment. This nerve-wracking scenario can definitely affect productivity. For this reason the fresh graduate could be terminated not because of recession but due to the fact that the fresh graduate is not productive enough to be retained.

Focusing on Long Term

If you are in this position, the only way that you could deal with this problem is to take a look at the future. What you have today is only a concern that could be easily dispelled by your boss or the business owner. Instead of being afraid of today, take a look at the future and prepare for it.

Remember that recession will not last a lifetime which means the business will pick up and you will be back on track fast in case you get terminated. For now, you have to work hard so that this would be counted as experience.

Dealing with Reality

Of course you cannot just forget about the reality. The scenario you have right now is very valid. If you see people getting terminated and their position and responsibilities are almost similar to what you have right now, it is better to be prepared. As much as possible, do some research on other industries that hire or think about what you can do in case you get terminated.

Last but not the least – stay calm. Recession should not be the reason to be anxious about your work. There are still options that you can consider even if you are terminated. You just have to be open to possibilities so that you can deal with the realities of recession.

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