Focus on Experience

Education is one of the most powerful tools anyone would have for success. Although not every billionaire in the world have a college degree, today’s business setting and career advancement could be largely based what you have learned in college.

If you have an excellent track record during your college years, there is a great possibility that you will be hired before you finish school. Even your networking capabilities can start very strong in your college years since you will be connected not only to your classmates but to anyone who has studied in the same school.

But that does not mean you cannot prosper without a college education. As already indicated, some of the wealthiest persons in the country today do not have a degree. Through determination and hard work, you can succeed and have a fulfilling career.

Getting a job without a college degree is not difficult as long as you know where to focus. Since you do not have any education that could make you stand out, you have to focus on what you have – the relative experience as well as your character that could make you valuable for the company.

Driven for Success and Results

If there is one personality that the interviewers are looking for from their candidates, it is the “go getter” personality. You have to show to your interviewer that you are not just someone who works blindly on orders; you work because you know there are results.

Being a result-oriented person will always lead to success and you can easily show it through your interview by providing stories on how you made a difference through your input. Just be careful on how to tell them since you do not want to sound too bragging about it that it could sound too good to be true.

Tweaking Your Resume

The most popular form of resume is not advisable if you do not have the education to show. Instead of using chronological order of your education, write down your skills and your characteristics and support them with relative experience.

You will be writing your skills first and the experience later so that you can somehow shield the fact that you do not have a degree. But what is more important is that you shown your character through your resume which should be more important than education since it is not an automatic indication of efficiency.

Do Not Make it an Issue

One of the most annoying possibilities that will happen during your interview, resume and in your cover letter is to make a big deal about the fact that you do not have a degree. Act as if it is not really a big thing because frankly, it is not.

You are in equal footing compared to those who have a degree since you still have traits that you can prove to be useful for the company. If you are asked about that fact, politely answer the reason why you were not able to get a degree, rebut a little bit by emphasizing your skills and move on to the next question.

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