Workplace Etiquettes

Workplace Etiquettes

Simple Gestures for a Better Workplace

A workplace could easily become toxic. The pressure on productivity, your daily dealing with your co-workers and even the workplace conditions could take its toll on your mind and your body. You can easily end up sick or too much pressure could make you give up.

As a fresh graduate, you have to look out for these scenarios since they can single handedly destroy your ideals on a workplace. If you don’t do something about it, you can end up jobless since you don’t like working at all.

The trick in dealing with these troubles at work is actually very simple. Instead of being rude and facing these troubles that might lead to confrontation, resort to appreciative gestures. Although the workplace could be a rude and aggressive place, you can make your working conditions a lot better by being nice. You won’t know how appreciative people would be if you are nice to everyone.

Here are only some of the simple gestures that could be well appreciated at work:

• No Interruption – One of the most annoying traits a person would have in a workplace is to interrupt people while they are talking. Whatever the situation is; from boardroom to simple office talk, let the person you are talking to finish before you say something. It’s a gesture of respect as well as leadership wherein you hear their point before you say something.

• Saying “Thank You” – Unfortunately, more than 40% of the people in the workplace are not saying thank you to their colleagues. This is very unfortunate since a simple “thank you” could get you places. It doesn’t hurt to be polite. Some say they are not supposed to say that phrase since the person is only doing their job. But even if they are only doing their job, they are exerting an effort which is good enough for a “thank you.”

• Food Manners – Although a workplace is not the place to eat, you will most likely be eating your lunch with your co-workers. During these casual meetings, remember to mind your manners. Eating is a great way to know more about each other and being rude or offensive in your table manners will just not work to your advantage.

• Watching Your Language – The number one sign of rudeness is your language. Never in any way use words that could be offensive. As soon as you realize this, immediately offer an apology. It could happen and you have to be humble to admit that you have done something really bad.

Paying it Forward

A good reason why you have to be nice to everyone is that it could create an effect in your workplace. You maybe just one worker who is nice to everyone but wherever you go, you’ll be reciprocated with your gesture. That could really mean a lot since the hectic workplace could make everybody mean. If you’re one of the guys that could cruise through mean people without batting an eyelash, your career would be a lot easier than you think.

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