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One of the biggest challenges for a fresh graduate is in choosing the right career. Although their education could already help them choose the path, there are still factors to be considered.

Recession is one of those factors as it could practically limit the ability of the fresh graduate to freely choose a career. No matter how hard they insist on their abilities on an industry, their chances of getting hired is very small since no one is seeking to add new employees on their workforce.

Starting Small in the Industry

Because of their knowledge of the industry and the skills they learned through education and experience, starting small may seem like a good option. For example, pushing yourself to work for different IT companies in your city may not be feasible because no one is hiring.

But if you choose to work without any boss or supervisor, you can work at the comforts of your home while slowly working on your career. It’s not an instant hit, but it’s a good start as you apply what you learn while using what you know about creating and maintaining a small business.

You and Your Skills

The main advantage of considering a home business instead of a career for now is that you don’t have to push yourself to have the skills necessary in getting hired. On the other hand, ignoring what you already know could cost you in your small business at home. As much as possible, your home business should focus on featuring what you know or your intended career in the future. You should use what you know to prove that you do have the skills that could help any company.

Think of your home business as a way of showing off to different companies what you know. By working on different small projects, you slowly gain reputation as an expert on certain skills.

You may not know it but a small business in the same industry could feel threatened and will try to know as much as possible on what you can really do. It’s practically a win-win situation for you – you get to show companies within your area of your expertise while earning.

Patience is Always a Must

But getting the nod in home business is never easy. Many have tried starting small in their home business but they end up giving up for various reasons. But if there’s one thing that you really have to be in a home based business – you need to be very patient.

Patience in home business is always a must because you can’t just prove yourself to your clients on your skills. You may need to network, advertise (talk to clients) a little bit or even working for them without any initial cost as a way of showing what you can do. These could easily drain your patience but if you can move on after a few frustrations, you should be able to handle the challenges of a home business as an alternative to being employed.

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