Virtual Job Search Techniques

The most popular job search technique today is to go online, sign up on different job search engines and look for available positions on these job search engines for easy application. While this could be effective, it’s getting too common nowadays since there are millions who visit these websites everyday. Because of recession, visitors to these websites only increases. The chances of getting noticed are getting slimmer because of competition.

Fortunately, there are other online options you can consider that will help you boost your chances of getting hired:

Twitter or Microblogging – “Twittering” is a form of blogging wherein you limit your blog post entry to 140 characters. This is currently one of the most popular tools for different websites and bloggers today since they can simply post their thoughts online through their mobile phones. Through microblogging, you can show your efficiency on certain industries as you react on news without really having to write thoroughly about it.

Blogging – One of the best ways to gain the attention of companies is through blogging. As you constantly write about the industry, companies will recognize your expertise on certain subjects. Writing about it will also show your ability to properly express your thoughts. There are individuals who were hired not because they actively sought employment but companies recognized their contribution online.

Social Networking – MySpace, Facebook and other social networking websites used to be seen as a way to communicate to friends and families. But these social networking websites have evolved into something powerful as it can connect businesses and professionals. Use your social networking profile to connect to people that could help you land a job.

Virtual Career Fairs – Think of virtual career fairs as job fairs conducted online. For a few days, companies will be actively reading resumes and chatting with applicants online. You don’t need to show up since you can do everything online. All you need is an updated resume and consistent internet connectivity. Through the internet, companies will take a look at your resume and might interview you through chat. If all goes well, you’ll be invited for a personal interview.

Emphasis on Online Security

While these online processes could help you land a good job faster, be careful on the information you provide. There are individuals who have the ability to extract information from your blogs, microblogging and social network accounts. This is very dangerous since they can use the information to obtain services in your name even though you are not aware of the transaction.

Also be careful on what you say online. While you can prove your efficiency through blogs and microblogging, some of your statements might contradict to the philosophy or values by the company you want to work for. In fact, it might even lead to legal trouble if you’re not very careful on what you say online.

There are many ways to gain the attention of various employers. Be sure that you explore these options to increase your chances of getting employed even in the midst of recession.

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