How to Avoid Career Choice Confusions

We all have dreams but as we grow old our dreams get moulded by different circumstances that we may end up with a totally different college degree that will make us select a career. But even with a degree, no one can really assure that the career anyone would end up with will be related to their education.

If a career path is not chosen even after college. You may end up with a job and stay there for only two weeks. Sometimes, you will know that you will not last long in the job and even walk out after a day.

Transition Stage

If you are going to graduate in a few years or in your first year after college, you are basically jumping from one job to another for a few years. Do not think that you are the only one doing that. Everyone is experiencing the same thing. Fresh graduates from decades ago will also have to go through the stage of transition.

Sometimes, they would be 30 years old before they could finally find the company and the industry they want to work with. Before they have reached that stage, they would have to work with different companies, get frustrated with the job, confused and eventually back out.

Lifetime Learning

Your education does not end after college. It is a lifetime struggle to know something new so that you will excel in life. Everything that you will be going through will be worthless if you have not learned anything. You will always face something new every time you land a new job. You could either go away from new things or you could embrace it and learn everything that you can from it.

Your experiences in different industries are not only for resume purposes. These experiences should have taught you different skills which could give you an upper hand in getting accepted.

Creating Networks

Aside from learning things during your job hopping stage, this should also be the perfect time to improve your network. You will be meeting people and you will gain friends. Treasure these friends because these people that you meet along the way will not only be your support during hard times in the emotional level but will also be your support professionally.

As you gain friends, you increase your network and they will help you get a job in different companies as long as they have connections there. It will also be possible that these friends will become supervisors or managers which will help you through different recommendations.


Another option if you are a fresh graduate is to take a time-off maybe a year or two. This is your chance to volunteer, get a masters degree or start a small business so that you will have a chance to evaluate what is the perfect career for you. Just make sure you learn something from these experiences and know as many people as you can to help you with your career.

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