How to Establish Reputation

Most companies today are looking for potential employees who have prior experience related to the job posted. By hiring employees who had relative experience, training is easier as they are already familiar with different “tricks” in the industry.

Since companies are constantly looking to cut costs, hiring someone who had prior experience is a money saving measure as they could immediately use the skills and talent of the experienced employee.

This would often discourage fresh graduates or place them in an immediate disadvantage. As companies prefer the experienced, they cannot just lie in their resume just to get hired. They might get themselves in trouble if they fake those documents.

But that does not mean companies prefer only those who are experienced. Although they are still hoping for an employee who knows their way around the industry, fresh graduates could find themselves in the same footing as those who are experienced.

Problem Solver

Do not be disheartened even though you are fresh graduate, remember that companies are not looking for someone who can replace the terminated employee but they are looking for someone who can solve their current and perceived problems. If you have leadership experience while you were in college, include them in your resume as this is a great asset and it will grab the attention of head hunters.

It would even be better if you have encountered some problems related to the industry. This is where months of internship experience are put to use. It would be impossible that you will not have any problem during your internship and did not contribute to the solution.

If you are not part of any solution and just stood there, you probably have learned nothing at all and will have some trouble once you have found a real job. Use your internship experience as your experience in the industry.

Looking Back

It could sound cheesy but including your extra curricular activities while you were in college could be a good way to gain interest from the interviewer and resume screeners. These could be simple activities in your school but as an active participant, you are showing that you will always be a team player for the company.

Do not just write any extra curricular activities – baton twirling is not a skill that should be added when you are aiming for a job in the accounting industry. Include activities where you can relate to the industry.

Online Reputation

The best way to improve your reputation for the specific industry is to write about it. But since you cannot just be a writer in any newspaper or magazine, start a blog about the industry instead. Your expertise in the industry will be duly noted by the interviewer.

If you already have a reputation online as an expert in a specific industry, getting hired is easy even though you did not have an experience. Your writing experience and your education for the specific industry will count. Being a fresh graduate should never hold you back. There are ways in improving your reputation so that you can be hired in your dream job.

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