How to Earn While Learning

The latest unemployment rate of the US is on 9.5% and professional estimates indicate that the 10% threshold could be reached soon. That means 1/10 of the professional workforce will be out of job. The competition for a few positions in various industries is getting really fierce because there are too many applicants for limited positions.

As a fresh graduate, your chances of getting hired are very limited unless you create a company, at least work for a close relative or start a small business. The chances of getting hired could be smaller than gaining success in small business.

But there is a way for you to earn during recession: apprenticeship. In gist, an apprentice is someone who works for an experienced professional. By being an apprentice you could work as an assistant to a skilled worker so that you’ll learn the tricks of the trade.

Apprenticeship is actually winning solution for companies who needs employees but can’t pay them with full salaries. Instead of hiring new employees, they look for someone who could work for them as an apprentice. They offer the opportunity of learning straight from the industry while they reduce the need to hire more employees.

Being paid as an apprentice may seem like an odd idea for companies. But there are certain jobs will actually pay you (only minimal) to work for them as an apprentice. The salary could be minimal but it is enough to help you financial.

The industries that most likely pay their apprentices are the following:

• Legal industry
• Shipping
• Construction jobs
• Health care
• Green industry

These industries need all the people they can get. But because of recession, they can’t easily hire full time employees. Through apprenticeship, they can have affordable labor with the same or even better output.

To be part of these industries, you need to show that you have the education relative to these industries. If you don’t have the relative education, at least show some experience that will allow you to be part of the industry. Make sure to indicate in your resume that you have some skills that could be used in the industry where you want to become an apprentice.

Don’t just let this opportunity go to waste. Sure, you will be learning something from the industry that could be used for future employment but why should you bother looking for other companies who are willing to take you in when you are already working for the company for sometime?

Prove your worth during the apprenticeship period and negotiate your employment terms at the end of the apprenticeship period. If you have done well, the company will consider your application. Because you already have an inside knowledge of the company processes, hiring you will never become an extra burden when it comes to training and adopting.

There are industries that pay their apprentices because of the nature of the job. Search for these industries in your local area and try to offer your services as an apprentice to earn while learning.

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