How to Create Focus in Your Resume

Your resume is probably the most important document you need during your job search. Through your resume, your personal information is revealed so that the employer will know if you are fit for the job.

Aside from simple data, your employer wants to know what you can do for the company in case you are hired. That is why you add job experiences, education and even references so that someone can vouch for your professional behavior. With a good resume, there is a big chance that you will be invited back for an interview.

You may already know that enumerating what you have done and learned is not enough to convince your potential employer. This is true since employers generally do not want someone who can brag about what they did. Companies want someone who can perfectly fit in their work environment while being productive. For that reason, you need to add some information on your role such as the positive impact that you have done for the company.

But that doesn’t mean you can just write anything productive to boost your chances of being noticed. As much as possible you need your resume to focus on certain ideas so that your employer will notice your skills, relative experience and education.

The following should be your point of focus:

Results specific to the company – indicate in your resume how your actions lead to improvement in productivity for the company where you worked. This sounds simple but you need to be selective in your results. As much as possible, select a result that’s closely related to the company you want to work for right now. For example, add a responsibility that lead to more sales if you are trying to have a job in a sales-intensive company.

Daily activities – if you’re enumerating your job responsibilities, do not write a responsibility that only happened once during your tenure. Include the daily responsibilities you do everyday. This is one of the most important information you could add in your resume. Your employer wants to know if your previous responsibilities are the same as the job you want.

Value oriented – your resume doesn’t necessarily need to have a theme, but it should also focus on values with results. Increasing productivity is a great output that could convince any employer. But the value of productivity to the improvement of the company and boost of self esteem among workers should be indicated.

Tell a Story

A good way to attract the attention of potential employers is to tell a story through your resume. But this story is not written in paragraphs – they are written in bullet points. While writing your job responsibilities and accomplishments, add small notes in bullet points. The bullet points should provide more information on the effects of being productive.

Focus in your resume is very important to impress potential employers. Make sure that you write down the effects or the results of your job responsibilities. Employers only hire individuals who can be productive at work or else their business will never survive.

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