How to get Free Training

For fresh graduates, their college degree is the only major point in their resume. Although this could be seen as a major accomplishment on the side of the fresh graduate, it does not look well for recruiters and employers. Recession has affected this opinion on fresh graduates.

Today, you can rarely see an employee with a single degree getting the available job. Since many experienced and more educated employees have been laid off, companies grabbed the opportunity by tapping these unemployed by highly skillful workers. Without any leverage, you will not be able to get a good job in the future.

Fortunately, recession has opened a lot of possibilities wherein you can upgrade your skills and knowledge of a specific industry. As the government wants more people to get a job, they have pushed for more training and more education so that the skills could adjust with the demand. Thankfully, the trainings are now offered for free – you just have to find them.

Web Courses

There are literally thousands of websites that offer free online courses. There are those that offer simple DIY (Do-it-Yourself) courses in learning simple tasks. Most of the online courses are about simple website development (HTML) or understanding complex computer terms.

There are also simple courses that you can take without the assistance of a teacher. For example, you can learn how to fix a computer, create a simple network or troubleshoot basic computer problems. Other free courses you can find online are for e-commerce, writing and even website design.

Government Training

The government is now being aggressive in training everyone for a better job. They are, of course, localized and the training could be different in different states. But these trainings are still free.

You can contact your local employment assistance department so that you can sign up for the upcoming training and seminars. These seminars are usually recognized by employers so this training should never be missed.

Remember that these trainings are limited so you better act fast and sign up for the training as soon as possible. Some of them are only about simple office tasks such as improving productivity, but they will surely help.

University Training

If you are close to a university, also be on a lookout for the free training they provide. As part of the community, universities often offer assistance whenever they can. As the government has increased their calls for more training, universities have started to offer free trainings and seminars.

Podcasts and Webcasts

Although this could be considered as part of online resources, this is a very special form of information you can get online. Podcasts are downloadable audio files that usually come free. The topics of these podcasts could range from simple commentary to full instructions on how to succeed in a specific career.

Webcasts are online videos but they are often instructional and will teach you simple skills that will help you improve.

These are simple but free sources that you should not miss. While looking for a job, sign up or learn in your free time so that you can add more skills in your resume.

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