Marketing Your Career

Searching for a job could be likened to selling. On this case, you are “selling” yourself to companies since you pitch your knowledge and experience to companies. If they agree to “buy” you, you will be able to be part of the team. But recession has transformed the attitude of companies in terms of “buying” talents.

Instead of aggressively buying candidates who could work for their company, they become conservative. Their current earnings are not enough to support the current workforce. As a result, they rarely “buy” and even unload their employees.

Considering Marketing

Since the regular selling technique will not gather any notice especially for the fresh graduate and the inexperienced, it’s time to take it up a notch. Aside from simply selling your skills to companies, you should consider marketing.

Many companies are now aggressively marketing their products and services especially in recession since the regular mode of selling is not working.

If you want to market your career, you need to treat it like a product. You need to consider some factors that will ensure a successful product campaign. It could be challenging, but it’s going to be worth it especially during the time when only a few industries are hiring.

Know Who You Are

Before you sell anything, you need to know what you are selling. This is very easy since you’re practically selling yourself. But it should go more than that.

Part of knowing what you sell is also knowing the actual price. This will give you an idea on your expected salary when hired.

During recession, it’s not easy to insist on a salary but there is also a threshold of everything.   They cannot just give you minimum wage just because they are not earning enough. A reasonable pay should be expected.

Targeting the Specific Market

After knowing your worth, it’s time to know your market. As already indicated, recession has practically crippled some industries that they are not actively hiring today. For that reason, you do not have to spend too much time with these industries since there is little to no chance of being hired.

Look for an industry that is willing to hire even though they are not in line with your education. By knowing your market, you’ll be able to fashion your “tools” such as resume and cover letter according to preferred candidate of the companies in the said industry.


Last but not the least; you should take care of advertising. Aside from simply going back and forth to the company you want to work for, you should also try advertising so that you could be noticed.

For example, it is also important to have recommendations or word of mouth advertising so that someone inside will have a personal knowledge about you.

You could even resort to the internet where you could advertise what you know. Connect to the right people online and impress them with your knowledge of the industry. Through aggressive marketing, you should be noticed by recruiters or have a strong background to be considered for the position.

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