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Landing a job is not that challenging as long as you have the right credentials and there is an opportunity present. You could be facing some competition but if you present yourself as an asset for the company, the chances getting the job is high. You just have to be very aggressive in showing that you have the skills to provide the needed growth.

But there are career advisers who go against the idea of looking for a job. This might sound preposterous since career advisers want people to land a job. But some believe that running after a specific job can be very frustrating in the long run. If you take a careful look, their idea might be just right.

Targeting a Single Position

When you hunt for a job, you are only targeting a single position. For example, an IT expert will try to land a job as systems administrator for a company. He will look at various companies who are looking for a systems administrator and try to land that job.  If you are an IT expert, you will surely be happy when you land a job. But imagine at your situation after two to three years after. Landing on that job may not be attractive anymore since the only job you can get from the company is the systems administrator position. There is no career development and frustration over your work will continue to increase. In the end, you will just resign and look for another job – a position that might provide the same experience.

Using an Industry Based Search

When you opt to look for a company where you can work, you are not just looking for a company that will hire you because of your skills. You are also targeting a company where your skills will be appreciated, rewarded and slowly improved. In short, you are not just trying to land a job by searching for the right company; you are trying to land a career.

A career is a lot better than a job since a career will reward your skills and experience with a better position and of course, better financial compensation. A job is merely a position with no chances of improvement. There are companies that only offer jobs since their improvement is very slow. Worst, there are companies who just add more work to your position without any compensation.

A Company with the Same Philosophy

Aside from looking for a company that will provide you with chances of career improvement, you should also look for a company that has the same belief. This is often an overlooked factor by many professionals since they are very attracted to career improvement. But they sacrifice their personal belief and this decision will eventually haunt them as they have exchanged something very personal for money.

Instead of focusing on a single job, target a company that offers a career and same belief. Finding this company is very difficult but it will give you the career satisfaction and stability you need in your life.

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