Knowing Your Worth in the Industry

Knowing how much you will receive at work is important since it will dictate your lifestyle and career improvement. With a good salary, you will be motivated to be productive, and eventually improve or advance in your career. That is why you go out looking for work with the best in the industry, expecting a good pay.

On the other hand, you should know that specific skills will only solicit a range of salary. Luckily, there are websites that will help you determine how much you should be receiving. These websites are constantly updated and they even have tools that will help you calculate how much you should be receiving.

Determine the average pay in the industry and go after job posts that offer at least the average amount. There are a lot of jobs that offer more and are usually for the experienced and for higher position. You can go for them if you have the qualification but it is a little bit challenging for going straight to the top.

Checking with Actual Workers

Do not just settle for the facts and graphs that you see online. Look for people who are actually working in that position and know how much they are earning and the benefits they are receiving. There are forums that are dedicated to job search and productivity and they usually post the salary of a specific job.

Of course, you will not know them personally because they do not want to reveal too much of themselves. However, they should be able to post enough information so that you will have an almost inside look on how much they earn and what are the benefits.

The best thing though is to talk to someone physically who actually works in the industry. If you have been working in the same industry for sometime, you should know someone who is working in the same industry but with different company. They can reveal to you how much they are receiving.

Extra Skills – Subjective

There is a conception that extra skills and knowledge will solicit a higher pay. Although it might land you a job, it does not mean extra skills will give you a better pay. Companies will only reward you for the extra skills you know based on what they need.

For example, if you are an accountant with the knowledge on general computer troubleshooting, the company will only value your extra skill if they need someone to take care of their computers. If you are working for a large scale company, chances are any extra skill that you have will never be valued. Experience and efficiency on the job you applied for are the things will get you places.

Do not just look at the money. There are companies who will offer a below average salary but with better benefits. They may offer better health care and dental plans, more paid time offs and a better working environment.

Knowing your worth in the industry will help you set the tone of your career as well as financial stability.

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