Involving Parents in Your Career

No matter how old you are, your parents will always have something to say in your chosen career. Although there are times that they cannot influence your decisions, they will always be there to provide you with a tip or two on what career path to choose.

They often base their decisions and guidance through their experience. Without sounding too skeptical, their decisions may be wrong sometimes. Children will always look out for their parents if we are left confused in their career.

The influence of parents at work is slowly showing up. A few decades ago, the involvement of parents in the development of their children was just based on schools and admissions to well known colleges. This is justifiable since elementary and high school teachers should inform the parents regarding the performance of their children.

Parent interview is often required by premier colleges since these colleges just do not want to know the person who will be learning from them but also the parents who will (and should) be supporting them while they are still in college.

This trend has apparently made its way into the work conditions of their children. This usually happens to companies who often hire individuals with little to no experience employees who are often fresh graduates from college.

Parents like to see the working conditions of their sons and daughters before they tell their kids that the place is a good place to work. Some companies have acknowledged this fact and because of this, they started to offer “parents day” wherein companies open its doors to the parents of the employees who wanted to know more and be assured that their childdren are in good hands.

Employers Look on Parent Involvement

Although employers value the input of parents, they are regarded as advisors and not the decision makers of your career. Employers will definitely frown at you when you tell them that you have to consult your parents before you accept their job offer. You can practically forget about the job offer if you make this statement.

Companies are looking for individuals who can think for themselves. Involving parents in career decisions is always a no-no. If you think you are not sure of the company you want to work with, advice the employers that you have to think about it. If you really have to ask your parent or parents regarding the job offer, do not tell your employers about it.

Employers value the input of your parents. But they do not want that input be the sole source of your career decisions. You have to make sure that you are working in your own behalf and your decisions in your career will be the responsibility of no one except your own.

It is better not to be accepted because you are not competent than failing to ace the interview because you are still thinking about your parents view of your career. You are still your own boss and anything that will happen to your career will still be your responsibility.

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