Lateral and Horizontal Job Search

Looking for a job is often frustrating especially when you’re looking for a specific job in an industry. The demand may not be there right now but your skills are only made for the industry that doing anything else might be frustrating or could be too hard for you.

But if you are looking for a job where your skills could be maximized, why not widen your horizon? There are other jobs in other industries that you can try wherein your skills could still be practiced. Try looking for a job in a lateral or horizontal manner. You could end up with a job that may pay more or will give you a better sense of fulfillment.

Lateral Job Search

Searching for a job in a lateral fashion will enable you to look for a job in another industry based on your skills. You may have learned or mastered a specific skill while at school and that skill can’t just be applied in only one industry.

Look into different industries that could be looking for someone with your skills. For example, you have a computer related degree – Instead of going after different software companies, why not look companies in need for tech support? Although they are in different industry, you can still employ your computer skills.

Besides your industry related skills, you can also bank on your soft skills. This would even open a wider opportunity for you as companies are also looking for soft skills as much as your specified skills.

If you have great people skills, instead of chasing a specific industry, why not go for companies who are in the service industry? The service industry is always looking for people that are great with other people. Proficiency in sales is even better if you are looking for a challenging job with great rewards.

Horizontal Job Search

On the other hand, sticking with the same industry is often preferred because you can practice every skill that you need. Unfortunately, you just can’t find the job you are looking for. Maybe you’re too specific that you are ignoring other opportunities.

Getting an entry level job is often difficult because of fierce competition. But you don’t have to concentrate on an entry level job. If you have been working as an entry level employee for years, maybe it’s time to seek a better job or a higher position. Your experience is your best bet to get you to a relatively higher position. The higher position have also lesser applicants since everyone are still trying out for the entry level position.

Aside from going up, opt for something even lower than an entry level job. Look for a part-time job as your experience could easily get you this type of job. You are staying in the same industry but you are starting even smaller. But only go for this option if you are planning to do something else such as another part-time job or a business.

You will always find a job that will help you practice your skills. You just have to look hard enough and think laterally or horizontally for additional options.

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