Towards a More Realistic Job Search

Searching for the right job is not just going online to visit random job search websites and click on any company that looks good. You need to have a target or a technique so that you can easily find the job that you want and would be happy in that chosen company and career.

Online and offline job search will require extensive research but with a clear goal in mind. Without a goal, you might end up with job that would eventually be frustrating. You career might start on wrong footing and you might never get back on track.

A smart technique in looking for the good job is to be as realistic as possible. If you are not realistic, you could be in a very difficult state since you do not know where to go. You could be trying out for a job that will never hire you in the first place. You could also end up with a company that will never utilize your skills and education which would not be helpful at all if you wanted to improve in your career.

A realistic job search starts with self examination. You need to know who you are and what you can do. Sit down and list all of your accomplishments as well as educational achievements. You could write down everything that you know or you could review your resume and add things that you might have missed out.

But more importantly, write down all your skills which could be helpful in your chosen industry. These skills might have been learned while you were in school or the soft skills that you have cultivated while growing up together with your values. If you could literally write them down, that would be better so that you could review yourself better.

Start looking for a company that looks for someone like you. That should be your first option. You can exercise your skill and would probably feel personal fulfillment since everything you learned have been properly used.

On the other hand, if you’re not that interested, there are options. The first option is to look for a job in a lateral fashion. That means you don’t just look for a job in a specific industry but you look at other industries that may require your skills. Another option is to look horizontally.

Maybe an entry level position is not your cup of tea. Venture a little bit into supervisory position or something even less such as a part-time job. If you’re not still sure of the industry you would like to work with, a part-time job could support your lifestyle while thinking of your preferred career.

When looking for a job in a horizontal or lateral fashion, calculated risks should be exercised. Before applying for a job, look at the job requirements and the job description. You may be barking at a wrong tree since most companies that post specific requirements will never admit anyone who can’t reach or doesn’t have the requirements. Only apply for a job with a company that is open to individuals with talents and skills aside from educational achievements.

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