Protecting Career from Right-Sizing

Right-sizing is a new term referring to the practice of a company retrenchment. It is closely related to the term downsizing – a term also used for massive layoffs. With right-sizing, the company may or may not downsize many employees but instead, they will be weeding out the persons that do not fit to their company.

These persons may not have the same expectations like the company has or these persons doesn’t perform according to the company expectations. With right-sizing, they are ensuring the only persons left in their company are the persons that work according to what they are getting paid and more. You could compare right-sizing to the annual review of employees only that instead of a simple reminder, people are actually getting laid-off because they were not able to perform.

Why Should I be Concerned?

We often read on different articles that when a company offers you a job, you think of what are the things they could give you. With that thought in mind, you evaluate their offer and agree or counter offer if you think that is not enough.

In right-sizing, the roles are reversed. You are the one who is extending services and it’s the company’s time to ask what’s in it for them. They will judge your performance and see if the salary they give to you twice a month is being compensated with your output or productivity. If you can’t provide the numbers they expect, you will be booted from your job.

Companies are getting bolder in doing this because they know they can easily replace you. Because of the economic downturn for the past few months (even years for some), companies have opted to downsize their manpower. More and more employees are on the street everyday looking for work and they could even be more productive that you.

What Can I Do?

It’s time to take drastic steps so that you can retain your position in the company. Be sure you reach the expected metrics and even more. During these times, the company is always on a look out for better persons and at the same time, they are also on a look out for underperforming employees. Unless you’re a rocket scientist that only knows the formula to your company’s success, better work harder.

If you can’t reach your metrics or you think the metrics are just “ok”, be aggressive about your role in the company. Be a leader and take your stand about things. By being a leader, it’s not even necessary for your boss to see you perform as a leader. If you can lead your subordinates into something better, you’ve proven your worth.

It is also important that you stay competitive in terms of education or basic skills. There are different courses you can do online that could be beneficial to your work. It’s not necessary for the company to see what you know but as long you can demonstrate that knowledge, that’s a plus point for you. 

Protect yourself from right-sizing. Work hard and be productive so that you can prove yourself just right for the company.

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