Bad Annual Performance Review

Annual performance review is common in small and large scale companies. This review serves as a reminder to different employees on how well do they fare in terms of helping the company advance. This is also an indication if you have chances of advancing in position within the year.

A review may not be necessary be a good thing for you. In fact, most reviews are reminders on the areas where they are lacking so that they could improve on that particular division and will be better for the next review. If unfortunately your review is not just bad but really bad, here are the things that you should remember:

You’re not yet fired – By the mere fact that you’re still there means something. The company still values your services and they still find good in you. However, you are in a very tight spot and the upper management especially you’re immediate supervisor will always take a second look in your performance. You have to increase your productivity if you want to stay in this job. That means you have to work harder so that you’ll fare better the next time.

Be calm – Receiving a bad review is not the end of the world. Do not be hysterical but instead keep calm and evaluate yourself and see where you have been lacking. There is certainly something they have noticed that is very undesirable that they have to give you a bad evaluation. Don’t just go marching into your supervisor’s office complaining about your evaluation.

You’ll just add fuel to the fire. If you insist that you’re better than you’re evaluation, you just might end up getting fired. Just concentrate on your work and do better the next time.

Learn from your mistakes – more often than not, their evaluation is based on the metrics you posted. These metrics reflect your productivity which is your contribution to the development of the company. Any supervisor or manager will break down these metrics and will actually tell you what went wrong and what you can do to improve on your metrics.

It might not sound good but take it as a challenge. They are your supervisors and they are there for a reason. Besides, if you receive a bad evaluation that will also reflect on their performance since they were not able to guide you to be a better employee.

Not all of them are objective – if you see something that’s worth to be disputed, do it. But as we’ve already indicated, don’t come marching in demanding an explanation why you got a bad performance review.  Be polite in asking an explanation why you ended up in such a bad review. Highlight some of the things you have done for the company and if they stick to the decision, you can still make it up the next year.

A bad performance review is a wake up call on your performance. As long as you’re with the company, you still have a chance to prove that you are more than what they have written about you.

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