Transferable Skills for Better Career

Termination should never be considered the end of your career. Although you’ll be out of job, there are still other opportunities that you can consider in order to be successful. It doesn’t even matter if you’re struggling financially because you have all the time you need to plan. As long as you learn how to adapt to the demand, you can easily land a job and be back in establishing your career.

One of the reasons why you’re unable to land a job is because you’re still considering the same industry that terminated you a few months ago. Getting back to the same industry is actually a bad idea. The reason why they terminated your services is because they are unable to pay for your monthly salary.

The vacancy in your preferred industry is still very limited because of recession. Everyone else is trying to be back on the same job they used to have which is quite challenging because of the number of applicants. If you’re just a fresh graduate, you will find it hard to land a job in a specific industry because there are people who are still looking for a job that have more experience and education.

Tools for the Other Side

Looking for a job in the same failing industry will never get you good career. The intense competition over limited vacancy will likely place you in the losing end.

Instead of looking for a job in the same industry, why not look for a job in other industries? Fortunately, there are still companies who need employees that will push their growth even with recession. The green industry, tech, construction and energy industry are only some of the industries that are consistent in their earnings. You should try to get a job in these industries if you want to survive recession.

It doesn’t even matter where you came from in order to find a job in these industries. Before you try to land a job or submit your resume in these industries, consider what you can give to these industries. There are certain skills that these industries might find useful.

These skills should be highlighted instead of your regular skills used in other industries. Besides, other industries will still require the services of support skills for the company. For example, a software company will still need an accountant or even a company nurse.

Not Stopping in Simple Skill

An inventory of your skills should also help you realize of your chances in other industries. This will give you a chance to know the additional skills you need to learn in order to survive recession and have a better chance of employment.

Most of the skills that you need to acquire can be usually learned online for free or with non-formal training that takes months to complete. Whatever training program you take, it’s important that you dedicate yourself to improve that skill. It’s the only way to increase your set of skills and use them efficiently to become a better candidate for various vacancies in different industries.

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