Going Back to Traditional Job Search Methods

Many job seekers today are solely using the internet to land a job – for a good reason. Using the internet to land a job, which can lead to a career, opens up a lot of possibilities. Instead of being limited to one area, you can consider looking for a job in other states or even in other countries.

A simple search using keywords or simply clicking on states and countries, should reveal various openings that you can consider. You can draft your resume and send them to various companies in different places in an instant. You can even find tips on how to improve your resume and chances of employment.

But an online job search is not the only way to find employment. Traditional job search is still a good way to land a job or even a career. To be specific: available jobs written in various newspapers in your area are also a good source of job openings.

Recession has also increased the number of companies looking for qualified individuals and many have used traditional job search techniques to gain the attention of job seekers. Newspapers, magazines or even flyers are now used by employers to gain the attention of the most qualified candidate for the job.

There are many reasons why companies opted to use newspapers and other traditional methods to announce vacancies. The best reason is to keep employment local as the newspapers usually have local circulation. This is actually good news for job seekers since employers is not considering more candidates. Instead of competing with hundreds more that will come from other cities, keeping employment local will increase your chances of getting interviewed and hired for the available position.

Companies who advertise in newspapers instead of online vacancy also prefer to use traditional methods of employment. They want their applicants to approach the company personally instead of simply sending an email with their resumes. This will help the company screen the candidate and have a better idea of their character.

An online resume is not necessarily a clear indication that the candidate is the best for the position. By using traditional job vacancy notices, candidates will personally approach companies instead of simply “cloaking” the factors that might prevent them from getting hired through online resume.

For that reason, those who found the vacancy in local newspapers should be prepared for a more personal job hiring process. Being professional in the way you look, the way you speak and even write should always be remembered as companies will most likely scrutinize the character of the individual aside from their capability.

Everyone who will vie for the job will also focus on their character since everyone has the same capabilities. The big difference maker in local job search is character.

Online job search may be the standard technique for many job seekers today but traditional job search is still a good option. There are companies who opted to use traditional methods to find their perfect candidate without having to consider applicants from other places.

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