Working Beyond the Two-Job Threshold

Because of the struggling economy, many are out of work and having trouble looking for a new job. The only jobs available are those that offer minimal wage with limited benefits. Many have no choice but to accept the offer because of the lack of better paying jobs. It’s better to earn a little bit rather than to rely on small unemployment benefits.

Because of the limited income from their current employment, many are opting to look for a second job. There are even others who go beyond the two-job threshold by finding three employers. This concept sounds dangerous to some as the physical and mental requirement can be exhausting. But there are actually individuals who can keep up with the demands of three jobs.

A Collection of Part Time

The idea of having three employers can be difficult at first. However, many individuals who have three jobs are not necessarily working eight hours in each shift. Many are opting to have one full time job and two part-time jobs.

There are those who even have three part-time jobs just to make ends meet at home. Part time work with three companies is only 12 hours a day which is still less than a double shift.

Skill Based Jobs

You can easily earn from three jobs with little exhaustion at the end of the day if you have the skill required in the job. With the right skills, any problem you would face in various jobs can be easily dealt with.

Many individuals are even cashing in independently from their skills. Some opted for two part time jobs and have a home based business providing services based on what they know. Aside from quickly gaining employment, your skill should help you earn as a freelance professional during your free time.

Balanced Physical Labor

If you can’t find two or three jobs that can use your skills, you can consider physical labor as part of your part-time job. You maybe surprised that jobs that require you to flex your muscles pay more than entry level desk jobs. But you don’t have to dedicate yourself to three physically demanding jobs.

Always consider one light job in the middle of two physically demanding job. Your middle job can serve as your rest period. Continuous physical labor can immediately take its toll in your body. You could end up in a hospital and your earnings will just be spent on your medical bills.

Extreme Time Management Practices

Since you’re working with three employers, it’s always important to observe strict time management. You need to prepare in advance on what you have to do on any given hour. This will give you the chance to rest continuously so that you’ll be able to prepare your body for another day of work.

Seek help from your family so that they can monitor your activities and aid you when you can’t handle overwhelming tasks. Excelling and maintaining in three jobs is not an easy task as one sacrificed schedule could affect work and even rest.

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