Be Prepared for Tech Job Cuts

Even one of the most flourishing and possibly the strongest industries of the future are not experiencing the economic crunch. The tech industry is now experiencing massive job losses in different categories.

Although you will still see innovations almost every day from the tech industry through their gadgets and services, the people behind the implementation are getting smaller in numbers. Because of recession, consumers are not keen in upgrading or going with new products. As a result, companies are earning less which could even result to losses – and some of them do. They have no choice but to terminate employees to stay afloat.

Most experts agree that this will not end soon and it could even get worst. Those who are looking to build a career in this industry might have to think twice before jumping in.

But that does not mean that the industry is turning into a scenario like the automotive industry. As already indicated, the consumer’s future is based on technology and the innovations will always be met with enthusiasm. There will always be a future in technology, it is just not now. If you take a look at the numbers, the job loss the industry is experiencing is not as massive years ago.

Tips for Fresh Graduates

If your education is geared towards technology, do not worry. Even in recession, you could still find the opportunity to support yourself financially and prepare for the future. The following are the tips on how to deal with the current job loss and no vacancies:

• Go Freelance – One of the best ways of dealing with recession is to have a small business. If you are a software developer or website builder, start offering your services to small businesses or to groups in your community. Although they may not be as profitable compared to working in an actual company, it is a lot better compared to no job at all. Some have even found a career in freelance work since they are in command of their time and will not have to answer to anyone.

• Share What You Know – If you are looking for ways to gain exposure to the industry, you do not need to be outside working in million-dollar companies in your resume. Start small by helping people online. From the simplest task to the highly technical problems, your ability to help other people could help you gain recognition.

• Learn More – Aside from sharing your knowledge, now is also the perfect time to expand your knowledge. There are related industries you can try your hands on so that you can extend your list of skills. For example, being a programmer let’s you create applications but you can extend that skill by knowing a little bit more about systems administration. The knowledge required is already in you so all you need is a little input.

The tech industry is only in hiatus in terms of job hiring. Learn and develop your skills so that when the time comes to start a career, you are more than ready to prove your worth.

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