When Productivity Borders Fatigue

Your first job should never be taken lightly. Your first job will practically determine your future since your initial performance will immediately be noticed by your boss and co-workers.

If you do well, then you have a great chance to make it in the industry you have selected and it goes without saying that your career might not improve as you expect it if you do not perform as expected. Although first impression never lasts, it is a great indicator on how you will fare in the industry and your career in the coming years.

For that reason, fresh graduates work really hard in their first job. Even though they are not experienced in the industry really well, they spend a lot of time at work so that they could reach the expectations and have a good first impression.  Since they are not familiar with the operations and a few “tricks” of the trade, they might end up working for a couple of hours more than their experienced co-workers.

Through their hard work, they will be able to impress their boss and would slowly improve in their career. Since they are off to a good start, all they need to do is to maintain it to be better.

But working really hard for fresh graduates could take its toll on their body. Working 10 hours a day with intense pressure for more than five days a week can easily weaken the body.

Although fresh graduates have the physical capability to handle the extended working hours, the pressure to be productive is not just about the physical capability but the mind as well.

Working really hard could easily lead to fatigue which could eventually lead to less productivity and frustration.

This has to be prevented before it happens. Although a person could easily overcome fatigue, it might have already affected the workload of the fresh graduate.

All it takes to discourage someone in working really hard is when they see their work going down no matter what they did. They might be someone strong and move forward, but they will not be more cautious which could affect their productivity.

That is why preventing fatigue is very important rather than combating them. Fresh graduates should be encouraged to do what they can but they have to set limits on their work.

As already indicated, the body can easily weaken if it is subjected to consistent pressure. The fresh graduate should be aware of this fact. Through self-awareness, they can prevent emotional trouble. If they sense they are nearing fatigue, they should stop and seek assistance or at least rest.

The employers also have a big role in preventing mishaps like this. By offering assignments according to the skills and experience of their new employees, they can test their new employees slowly as they demand more and more things as they gain experience.

Fatigue is never a good thing. A company’s success could be determined on how they handle fatigue. At the same time, fresh graduates should never succumb to fatigue as this could affect their productivity which could ruin their chosen career.

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