Getting the Best Salary Possible

Having a job is not enough as companies are actively thinking of ways in cutting costs to keep their operations afloat. Besides productions costs, companies have opted to cut the wages of their workers which would even include cutting some of the benefits to gain maximum cost cutting. Some have opted to stay with the same company because there are no more jobs left. Having a low salary is better than nothing at all.

But there are ways in preventing and getting out of this situation. You really do not need to get stuck in a company that could provide less while expecting more from their employees.

The Power of Networking

Fortunately, networking has enabled employees to get insider tips on what jobs could provide better benefits and pay. It may cost you, but the price comes with precious information that you can use anytime.

In addition to the above, you will also gain an advantage over most candidates as the networking group would usually prefer those who are already members of their networking. By knowing more people and keeping them in contact even with a stable job, increases your chances of getting a better job at the same time.

Continuing Education

But sometimes, networking could be an exhausted idea. Everyone is already aware of networking so everyone is practically doing it. What you think of being in an excusive networking group has become a large networking group where almost everyone is a member. Instead of competing for a job position, you are now competing even for a mere contact.

Aside from concentrating on your networking, also improve what you know. Your college degree is never enough nowadays. Aim for a master’s degree even if you just have to take it online. Masters degrees are offered online from recognized universities which provides you the flexibility you need. The price is even better so you can still continue your lifestyle while having a good education.

Think of the long term effects of education. Having a degree will definitely get you places. Not only you get to learn new things even you grow old, you are complementing your experience with knowledge which is a perfect combination for landing a better paying job.


On the other hand, if you really love your job and the company informs you that salary cuts will definitely happen, negotiate. Instead of monetary compensation, ask for non-monetary compensation such as the ability to work at home, flexible job schedule or lesser working hours.

Companies will be more than happy to know that you are staying even in this dire situation. Although it is quite rare that all your demands will be met, compromise will always be there.

Be Prepared

Lastly, do not be too comfortable in your job position. Some industries are forced to cut employees because their industry is slowly getting less important. This unseen hand that will cause job loss should be more than enough to get you into alert of looking for a better job. With the help of networking, education and experience, you can update your resume so that you can use them anytime you find a better paying job.

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