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The latest unemployment rate in the country is very discouraging. Nearly 10% of the Americans today are out of work and the trend might just continue to rise. As more industries are finding it hard to cope up with the demands of the dwindling economy, they opt to close some of their offices around the world. This causes daily job loss not only in hundreds a day but by thousands.

Even small businesses are finding it hard to deal with the economy and have opted to close down their business for good.

But there are still companies looking for candidates that could help them improve or at least, maintain their economic standing during recession. Unfortunately, only a handful of companies are now hiring which means the number of applicants is steadily increasing. The competition for a single position is getting fierce that only those experienced and have the right education can be accepted.

For a fresh graduate, their present status as someone with minimal education with nearly no experience will most likely diminish their chances of getting hired. Of course experience can’t be acquired in the soonest time possible if you’re looking to get started in your career.

You’re then left with one choice: get another education. But acquiring higher education these days is never easy. The tuition fee are just too much for any fresh graduate without a well paying career. Acquiring a student loan is also not possible because of the already existing loan that still needs to be paid.

But that doesn’t mean your chances of getting a job is virtually non-existent. Instead of focusing on higher education seek training for additional skills. This type of training is often referred to as lateral improvement. Instead of getting a higher education (vertical improvement), you seek additional skills that could help your career.

Training for additional skills do not often require a year or two of intensive education. Instead of a master’s degree, you should be able to complete skills training in six months or less. Since the training will just focus on skill development with less theories, improvement of skill is faster.

Of course, you are expected to spend a little bit on these training programs. But the training fees are not that expensive compared to higher education. You can seek financial assistance for this type of program.

The government has also recognized the need for additional training of millions who are looking for jobs. For that reason, they are now giving out financial assistance and free training for qualified individuals. Get in touch with your local official to know what type of programs or training that you can acquire with virtually no fee in your end.

It’s important to improve your skills during recession. A higher education is costly and will take a lot of time. Skills training could provide you the extra boost you needed to be hired in an increasingly competitive vacancy in various industry. Even though you don’t have the experience yet, your additional training should be more than enough to get you noticed for the position.

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