Skill Based Jobs

Your college education is your best ticket in landing a good job. Your education has given you a fair knowledge of the industry, a little experience through internships and possibly an objective view as you observe the industry move towards better things.

Without any education, not only you won’t have those things but you can’t find a good job as well. Most companies, especially those who promote career development within the company, will only accept those with relative degree. Education will give the employee a strong foundation on what the industry is all about and develop ideas on how to improve the company.

But even though education could be a powerful platform to have a successful career, it is never a guarantee. There are situations wherein your education can’t guarantee a job. The reason is very simple: everyone applying for the same position has the same degree.

That means, you don’t really stand out to be the best possible employee the company would have. Like most fresh graduates, you don’t have any actual working experience either so your chances of getting hired gets even slimmer.

On the other hand, there is another way to stand out and have a successful career. Instead of dwelling in your education, focus on your natural talent and skills to land a job or start a small business. There are millionaires today who didn’t really bank on their education but only in their skills.

Earning by Selling

The art of selling is very difficult to master. Some even say that it’s a natural talent that can’t be easily learned. If you do have this skill, count yourself lucky. One of the greatest skills that you can use in any industry is the skill of selling. You don’t even need to have a degree on this. As long as you have the ability to sell, you will be able to improve significantly.

The financial rewards of those who have the ability to sell are almost unlimited. Not only you will be given your monthly salary, the commission based on selling things could really increase your earning ability. In these times of financial crisis, selling is even more important for companies in order to post a profit which means you might find a job as long as you know how to sell.

Personalized Services

Not everyone has the ability to sell and not everyone has the ability to provide highly personalized services. The ability to know what the person needs before they say it and taking care of things before they ultimately cause problems is a rare skill.

But this job is often on personal assistants and secretaries. But personalized service is more than that. For example, your ability to teach music is ok, but your ability to teach a certain type of music with all the history, interpretation – almost everything about it is rare.

Always consider your skills and the expertise that you have that will make you stand out. These are the things that you need to provide to your future employer or the skills you should consider if you want to open a business and have a better career.

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