Efficient Job Hunting Tips

Job hunting could be a very stressful for fresh graduates in today’s economic setting. Because of recession, unemployment rate has been the highest for decades. The number of companies aggressively searching for candidates has dwindled significantly. Fresh graduates have to deal with competition wherein they have to compete with laid off employees.

For that reason, it is important to increase efficiency in your job search. Without efficiency, you will find yourself trying to be hired in a company that will not consider you for the position early on. Efficiency will help you reduce effort in looking for a job so that you can concentrate on getting hired rather than frantically jumping from one company to another without any results.

Knowing the Market

If you are looking for a job today, there is a big chance that you have been to a company where people are literally lining up to get interviewed. Seeing this scenario should be taken as a hint. Too many applicants mean lesser chances of employment.

But do not just limit yourself with that company. The industry where the company is in may also have a hard time dealing with the influx of applicants.

Instead of forcing yourself to these companies, consider looking at other industries where applications are low. Of course, their required skills could be different but there will always be a position that will be suited for your skills. This is a lot easier compared to lining up for hours just to be rejected after the initial interview.


To get the attention of employers, managers and recruiters, do not limit your cover letter and resume to single format. Since you already have weeded out the companies that have too many applicants, you can concentrate on the companies that will entertain your application. Because of this scenario, personalization and customization of resume and cover letter is a must. You need to pattern your resume according to the needs of the company you want to work for.

Customizing your cover letter is even more important and difficult since you have to start from scratch to create a compelling letter. But since you have time, do not limit yourself with a generic letter. Remember that this could be outside your education so it is best to spend time and explain why you are the perfect candidate.

Creativity in Getting Noticed

If you want to be noticed, you need to stand out and be creative. Sometimes, you need to do what is uncanny so that you would be noticed – just make sure that they are not illegal. From writing blogs to sending gifts, be sure to be creative in getting their attention without offending them. You might even impress managers with your creativity which is definitely a plus point in your end.

Efficiency in searching for a job today is very important. Through efficiency, you can go to companies that will actually notice you and give you a chance to prove your capacity. Take your time and be creative on how you can create the resume and cover letter in order to be noticed.

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