Systematic Networking for a Better Job Position

There are networking groups that you can join today for a very small fee. Usually they will require you to pay a monthly or annual fee to be part of the group. Most unfortunately failed to see the benefits of being with a networking group because being in a networking group doesn’t instantly mean a better position and it would just be a waste of money and time. 

That is partly true. It is difficult to be in a networking group at the start. But the mere fact that you are in the presence of future contacts that will support and help your career will give you a good chance of being hired for a better position is already a good deal. You have to personally work your way up in the networking group.

The networking company will just set the stage so that you’ll get to know each other better. It could take time but if you know what to do and have patience, you’ll find the structured group to be beneficial for your career.

Elevator Pitch

If you are part of a networking group, you have to master some skills and among them is to work intently on your elevator pitch. This 30-second introduction that you’ll give to contacts will make or break your status in the networking group. Getting a good first impression will take you to better places. If you start off real bad, you’re practically stepping two steps forward and three steps back.

Most of the networking groups are composed of career coaches and networking experts. Don’t be afraid to approach them and seek their help. Remember that you have paid a good amount of money in order to look good in a networking group. The good thing about established networking groups is the support they offer. They offer lectures and even provide contacts that should boost your career.

Patience, Patience, Patience

The key to a successful networking is to slowly establish yourself to the group. That means you have to introduce yourself to each member one by one, get to know them personally so that you could work your way to the top. You can’t meet them all in a single meeting since established networking groups may have hundreds of members. Each meeting you have to meet a specific group of people and interact with them.

Don’t rush in introducing yourself one by one to every people you meet. If required, stay with a single contact if you think that man has great contacts who could introduce you to more important persons. 

Think you can Start One?

If you do not like the strategy of established networking companies, why not start one? Although a degree in communication could provide you with a good background in networking, no one is stopping you.

If you have good contacts that are willing to meet other interesting people, you can start establishing a networking group which could grow big. If you become a networking professional, you won’t just have an established business but you will have contacts that will help you in any of your chosen career.

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