Asking Questions to Your Employer

Fresh graduates will always be confused in their first few days or even in the first year of their jobs. Most would have the difficulty in discovering the necessary skills to excel in their jobs.

Because the business world is always a “dog-eat-dog” scenario, fresh graduates should know certain things before they start working to ensure their job security and achieve success.

The information every fresh graduate should know can be asked to their employers. But they need to ask the right questions so that they would have the information they would need to excel in the industry they are working for.

Additional Skills Required for the Business

Fresh graduates and even experienced employees already know the necessary skills for business survival. But that information is often incomplete. The skills required by the employers are often skills that could be learned in college or through simple informal education. But additional soft skills are necessary to excel in the industry.

Soft skills such as customer service skills and sales skills may be important and could even be much essential to survive in the industry. For example, a company may require simple familiarization with computers and this could be considered as a skill. But sales skills are more often than not, very important for different companies.

Seeking the Past

Job offers should not be taken blindly. You should ask your employer why the job is available in the first place. More often than not, employers will give you a straight answer on what happened in the past. That will give you a good idea if you would accept the job offer or not or if you landed in a very bad position.

A good example is when your boss answers that they have had five employees in only one year. You are not actually digging in for bad information but you just want to know if you are able to handle the job pressure.

The First Six Months

It could be a good topic if you ask the employer the things that you need to learn immediately in six months or less. There are so many things that you need to learn even though you already have the required education and experience.

You cannot just learn them all – you should start with the skills that are set out by your employer. By asking the skills necessary for the first six months, you will be able to have a lengthy talk with your employer – and a good way to impress your employer that you are interested in excelling in the industry.

Evaluation Process

You may sound that you are pre-supposing but you need to ask your employer how are they going to rate their candidates. There are certain skills and characteristics that are sought after by the employer and would get their immediate attention.

By knowing the evaluation process, you could have a good idea on how to impress your employers and even get promoted. Your employer should be more than happy to explain this process to you. The human resources could also explain this process especially for fresh graduates.

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