When Panic Sets in Job Search

Searching for the right job is never easy. Everyone has preferences and unfortunately, those preferences could not be met. It could be that the candidate does not have the right education, skills or in the case of fresh graduates, experience.

Fresh graduates often have the idea that they could get the best job possible based on their education. But as soon as they graduate, reality quickly sets in and makes them realize that getting the right job for their education is not that easy.

Fierce competition among job applicants is common in well paying jobs and usually, the fresh graduates are always the ones being told to try again.

Because of frustration, fresh graduates would have the tendency to be desperate in getting a job. They panic because after months of job search and interviews, not one company was able to accept them for different reasons.

Instead of getting the right job based on their education and skills, fresh graduates end up working in fast food chains or become an assistant manager at a local store.

Panicking is OK

Panicking because there are no preferred jobs available is OK but the situation becomes bad when you start to get desperate in looking for a job. The thought of not having a job is not an easy thing as fresh graduates have to be self-sufficient while paying those college debt and buying those small personal whims.

Working in meager jobs where your skills and education is not exercised is never good. It is practically a dead end scenario for you as a fresh graduate. You may be able to support yourself but it will never be enough as you still have bills to pay and college debt that would place you in personal bankruptcy in a few years.

Widening the Horizon

If you cannot find any luck in the job you prefer, why not change your job perspective? The worst thing that could happen is that you will have a job that you will not like but still, the pay is still there and because of the pay, you might be able to like it.

Aside from focusing on careers based on your education, take a look at the jobs available based on your skills. If you are a people person you can go for customer service jobs or even in the service industry such as hotels.

It does not matter what your education is as long as you know how to deal with people. If you are good in sales, you can practically find a job in any company and excel as a salesperson.


Also consider the place where you want to work. Do not expect to find an executive position in a rural area. Maybe it is time to transfer to the city for a better position. The competition maybe fierce but at least you will have the opportunity in getting the right job.

Even with the current economic condition, do not panic. You can still find the job you want. Just be patient and widen your horizon to increase your chances of getting hired.

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