Fresh Graduates Job Search Mistakes

Fresh graduates are often very vigorous in looking for their first job. They are often very enthusiastic in getting the right job that they might make mistakes while doing so. Instead of boosting their chances of getting hired, they have jeopardized their chances of getting employed and improve their career.

If you are a fresh graduate, be careful in doing these mistakes. This may not destroy your entire career but it will put a dent on your chances of getting a good job from the start.

Mistake # 1: The Collect and Select Approach

There are fresh graduates who want to get a job so much that they decide to distribute their resume to different companies. Although this is a smart way to get noticed, you will have a hard time keeping up with those resumes in case you are invited for an interview.

It is always better to submit your resume to a limited number of companies so that you can set a good schedule on the interviews. If there are conflicts of the schedule because of the number of interview invitations, your reputation will be tarnished since you are showing interest without following up that interest.

Mistake # 2: Disregarding the Value of Networking

In a highly competitive employment setting, the value of networking is constantly increasing. Since everyone has the same qualifications with almost the same experience, the only way you can prove your worth is through networking.

If you know someone from the inside, you will have an excellent chance of getting hired since there is someone who will vouch for your skills. Networking is also important in order for you to get insider tips on the latest job openings. Do not just limit your networking to your family. Meet as many people as possible and formally introduce yourself to be recognized.

Mistake # 3: Generalized Resume and Cover Letter

Each company has a certain set of values and priorities that have made them unique and successful. That is why it is not recommended to print copies of your resume and cover letter so that you can get in touch with a good number of companies without too much effort.

A good resume and cover letter in one company may not be good in the other company. Before you send out a resume, read and edit them according to the preferences of the company you plan to work with. It’s tedious, but if you are serious in getting a good job, you need to put up extra effort to be hired.

Mistake # 4: Goofing Around While Looking for a Job

If you are looking for a job, make sure that you make it a top priority. As a fresh graduate, you sometimes be sidetracked by parties and different activities with your friends. Although that’s a good activity to maintain and gain friends, you also have to remember that you now have to support yourself in doing those activities. You need to focus on your job hunting or else you will end up with nothing for a long time.

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