Essential Tasks on First Day of the Job

Now that you are hired for the job, the real challenge begins. Instead of focusing on how to be hired, you should now focus on how can you survive the challenges of the job and improve on your career.

Sooner or later, you will find out that staying on track on your career is a lot harder than you think.

A good career can only be possible when you start right. Yes, you may still have the chance to repair the bad image that you created but it will take time or worst – will not happen at all.

Here are some recommended “tasks” you need to do to start right in your first job.

Know the Boss – This is very basic but do not just settle in knowing the name of the boss and what he or she does in the company.

If you have the chance, talk to your boss so that you will know his or her preferences. You may not know it but you might have the same preferences. Early on you are building rapport with your boss.

Get Secured – Most probably you will have to work on your own workstation. The first thing you need to do when you are presented with your computer is to enhance its security.

Although your boss could by watching the websites you visit or your email, you just need to secure your files so that you will not be sabotaged.

It is a reality that you need to realize. If anyone can just access your computer, you might end up with some documents, pictures or videos that could cost you your job.

Get Connected – This might be the company’s responsibility but you need to be proactive in knowing how you can connect to key people in the area. Local phone numbers, emails and IM (Instant Messenger) IDs if the company allows it.

This will ease the process of communication as you have everyone with only a touch of a button. But do not think you are given a free hand on talking to the persons on IM or calling them up. Use them with discretion all the time.

Get Connections – In this part, you need to increase your network. Know as many people as you can by casually introducing yourself. But you do not run around the office introducing yourself to everyone; introduce yourself only when asked to.

You need to be casual about introductions since sooner or later you will have to work with them and know their names.

Get Help – Nobody gets them the first time. If there is any doubt in what you do, seek help. It is better to look a little bit innocent on what you need to do that to look like a complete fool because you have done something wrong.

Make sure that the things you do are according to the company’s expectations and the process is according to their specifications.

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