How to Establish a Career

A successful career will usually require you to have a job. A great career will require you to start with an entry level job and slowly work your way to a better position because of your expertise and experience on a certain subject. Eventually, the company and even the industry will recognize you as a leader and innovator that they will reward you handsomely for your efforts.

But for a fresh graduate, a successful career is often difficult to obtain. It is always a long road ahead and it will require utmost dedication and additional education to ensure your success. Not all graduates have that luxury for additional education and time as their need for financial security should start as soon as possible.

The Other Way

On the other hand, there is a way in establishing your career even if you do not have a job yet. There are options that you can explore so that you will significantly boost your chances of gaining a good job with little to no experience.

But these routes are basically the same in getting your chances up in improving in your career. You still have to be dedicated for the industry even though you are not paid to do that.

Online Reputation

A very easy but tedious way to gain the attention of the leaders and even small players in the industry is to build an online reputation. Your online reputation of being dedicated to something could only be achieved if you are able to blog about the industry. You might call yourself an informal journalist or an outside observer of the industry so that you can provide an honest opinion on the topics related to the industry.

Be careful when writing or starting a blog about the industry. Everything that you write will always come back to haunt you if you are not careful in what you write. For example, attacking a company for many years will never give you a good chance of being hired. Worst, you might not even get any job offer because companies are fearful that you might know their secrets and would spill it out in your blog.

Small Business or Volunteer Work

Another way of getting the nod of people from the industry is to hire yourself for the job. Instead of looking for a company, you opted to start a small company and build a reputation from there. It is not much but from the mere fact that you are able to rally a small company into something important, you should be able to get a good job with a better pay.

Unfortunately, this is a little bit risky. Not only will it require your expertise but it will also require good money and a lot of time. Even if you give it your all, you could still end losing which means you will lose everything. If you really want to start a business to prove your skills, do it slowly so that you will improve in a similar but more efficient pace.

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