How to Set Right Your Career

After a grueling screening process, you finally get hired for the job.  The salary appear attractive and the position is just what you need to excel in your career. You will not be relying on the allowance from your parents.  Because of the job, you became independent and would aspire to move forward towards bigger goals.

The freedom and opportunity is now in front of you. All you got to do is to work hard and be very productive. You are not thinking too far into the future but you are setting things right for your career.

Getting through the first days and months at work is not as easy as it looks. You may find new employees striding without any problem in their assigned task on the job but that may not be the same in your situation. The task of tackling the job at hand is a lot difficult as it looks. If you are not careful, you might be destroying your career from the start and will not be able to move on.

Shedding Off Old Habits

One thing you will realize when you are new at work is that you are not in college anymore. People will pay you to do things instead of paying to people so that you can be allowed to do things as experience. Since you are providing services, these services can’t just be given when you feel like it.

College will always revolve around the needs of the students so as a student, you will have a good time as your needs are met. But the situation is different. You are not the center of attention. Your client, your boss and your job objective is now in the center of attention. In your end, you have to work towards the fulfillment of that task. No more “me” time and your preferences will be based on what the company needs.

Riding through Office Politics

If you have not had a job with an office setting, be ready. Always expect that there will be office politics that will shape the way the company performs. As soon as you start working, you will be able persuaded by a particular group to join them and you might not know it. They could be friendly as they will help you go through the first days. They are not helping you without a reason.

A group in the office will consider you as part of their group and part of your decision making will not be based on your affiliation in the office. Avoid office politics as you could be jeopardizing your career since you will be biased in your decisions and not think professionally.

Moving in Silently

As a newbie, the best thing you could do to survive your first days in the office is to observe and not make any drastic actions. Everyone will be looking how you do things so its better to observe to know simple office tasks and build on it to excel.

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