Formal and Informal Job Networking

Networking has increasingly become important not only in gaining friends but also for job searches and even increasing your chances for being accepted. Because of increasing online connectivity, we are able to connect to people we have not even met and by that association, increase our chances of being accepted.

It is as simple as being accepted to an online group and through that association; you get to have an update on the latest jobs as well business offers. It is almost a virtual exclusive community as you get to see job posts that are available only to the members of the network group.

As easy as it may sound, job networking is still a little bit difficult because of the increasing number of networks and the increasing number of participants. The increasing number of networks would mean confusion on what group to participate and the increasing number of participants would mean more intensive competition.

But you can create a work around on these problems. There are actually two approaches in job networking that you can use to gain advantage over your fellow network members to get that job – the formal and informal job networking.

Informal Job Networking

Informal job networking refers to the idea of contact people that you already know. Talk to your friends, your family and anyone that you have a faint acquaintance with and talk to them regarding an opening. This type of networking doesn’t need online connectivity but you may want to get in touch with them through phone or through email to get the latest job openings.

But you do not have to limit yourself on who do you see. Information job networking could also use popular social networking sites. These websites could provide you the chance of getting in touch with people to a wider network and find job opportunities. Through your acquaintances, you’ll be able to get in touch with the right people and get the job that you want.

Formal Job Networking

Formal job networking could be done online or face to face. There are companies who specialize in networking. For a fee, you could be invited to a function where you get to meet very important people, usually business owners and managers, and talk to them casually. Through these functions, you become familiar with the managers and business owners and the next time you meet them in formal interviews, they already have a good idea about you and maybe hired as soon as possible. Be sure to sign up with a well known networking company so that you’ll be introduced with the right persons.

There are also websites that are dedicated to business connections only. There are forums dedicated to an industry wherein projects and job openings are often posted. Get yourself abreast with the latest posts in the industry through these job posts.

Be sure to be a member with the right industry so that you’ll have the job that you want. These two channels in job networking will help you look for job when unemployed or find better opportunities even when you have a job.

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