Impact of Economic Recession on Fresh Graduates

Every fresh graduate dreams of an established career before the reach their early 30s. They believe that through hard work and grabbing every opportunity possible, they would be able to succeed significantly in their career.

Everyone aspire to be fully stable when they are in their 30s so that they can concentrate on their family and enjoy their hobbies while having a full time job with great pay. It is going to be a difficult process at the start but since fresh graduates have the education to prove their capabilities, they are confident that they can overcome the challenges.

Recession is a different economic scenario. Without recession, fresh graduates could face significant challenges in finding a job since they do not have any experience. However, they can easily overcome this because there is always the demand for fresh talents in the industry.

On the other hand, recession has increased the unemployment rate which means the demand for fresh talent is not there. Without any experience, a fresh graduate may not be able to find a job fast compared to those who have been working for companies but were eventually laid off.

Like most job seekers, frustration is the initial reaction of many fresh graduates. The expectation to start early is high since the quest to become successful in any industry requires an early start. Without a job, the targeted success may not be achieved.

Some would see the end of their career as they force themselves to work in jobs that do not promise anything except a minimum salary. However, fresh graduates need more than just minimal salary. Most are on college loan that needs to be paid as soon as possible. Without securing any payment, they are just increasing their loan through interest rate and payment may take years.

But this scenario should only be seen as a challenge for fresh graduates. Fresh graduates are still young and mistakes should be expected. Although the mistake in this case is not theirs, they can still pick up from what has happened and adapt.

Though recession throws a tough challenge for fresh graduates they can easily adjust to the situation. By adjusting to the challenges of recession, fresh graduates would be able to seek ways on how to establish a career. It may not be what they thought but it is still a career that could lead them to financial stability.

During recession, fresh graduates should look beyond their aspirations. Although there are still opportunities that you should consider, do not let these opportunities as the determining factor for the success.

Recession has practically clipped a few industries that they cannot hire new employees. Your education might be geared towards this industry. When this happens, you need to look for other opportunities. Aside from your education, take a look at your hobbies as they might be a good source of income.

Do not let recession discourage you from your quest to become financially stable. Look beyond the normal opportunities so that you could diversify and adapt to the current market demands.

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