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Finding a job during recession is difficult. Companies are not looking for employees who could become an additional financial burden. Although all employees are productive and could help in improving the company, some positions are not feasible today since the demand is just not there.

Consumers are still hesitant to buy things which are reflected on the company’s ability to spend on talent, skills and employee development. They cannot hire anyone since they cannot use the present talent to earn and survive recession.

You could end up frustrated if you look for an opening today. Hiring is so scarce that you could expect more than a hundred applicants in a single position. As a fresh graduate, the chance of getting hired is almost next to nothing.

But there is actually another way of getting hired. Instead of looking for a job opening, look for a way to be hired with a totally different position. You can propose a creation of a new position so that you could hired. It’s very tricky but it can be done as long as you prepare and have enough research.

Employer’s Perspective

The reason why you cannot be hired today is that employers do not want to replace the talent they just terminated since they cannot use them in today’s setting. You have to consider their perspective to understand why they are not hiring today and how you could propose a new position.

The key to being hired even without vacancy is to let the employer realize that you have something different to offer that is still useful in the company. It could be an additional skill, unique education or anything that could help the company face recession or even cut costs in production. If you can prove that they will gain more by spending a little bit on you, the chances of being hired is there.

Targeting Small Businesses

While proposing for new positions to be hired could be used in any company size, reality-wise, this will not really work on large companies. For this technique to work, you need to talk with the decision maker. Talking to the HR or Manager will not work since they can’t just order new positions so that they can accommodate you.

You need to get in touch with small businesses owners. Since they own the business, they can make the decision without any form of consultation. If the business owner sees the opportunity of hiring you, the business owner will not hesitate to hire you.

Research and Proposal

But you do not just barge in to the business owner’s office with an idea in mind. You need to carefully research about the company’s profile and their performance. Through your research, you could come up with a proposal on how you can help the small business survive recession. Along with your proposal, be sure to customize your cover letter as well as resume so that it could fit perfectly to the need of the small business. You are practically seeking employment even when no one is hiring.

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