Importance of Your First Job

Your first job will practically teach you everything you need to know about the industry. It should never be ignored or taken lightly. Although you have already studied about it during your college years, there is a big difference about the real activities compared to the theoretical practices you have learned in college. If you closely take note, you will be able to learn a lot be successful in the industry.

But aside from learning as much as possible from your first job, recession has presented another reason. If you lose your job right now, the chances of being hired for another position in the same industry are getting smaller by the moment. If you resign today, the next time you will land a good job could be in the 2nd half of 2010.

Recession will also make you think that your job could be in line. This thinking is actually valid. Recession has forced companies to terminate some of their employees because their earning is not capable of providing the monthly salary while posting significant earnings.

Before you are terminated from work, you practically need to fight for your job. Without putting up any fight, you will end up being terminated because someone else will insist on their presence in the company.

Sense of Urgency

You need to deal with this fact as soon as possible. If you do not do insist on what you can do, someone else will. Since it is a fight to survive and be retained, someone else will be terminated. If you do insist on what you can do for the business, you will never be retained. It is a fact that is difficult to deal with since you have to compete with your colleagues. But someone else will be terminated and you have to make sure that it will not be you.

Setting Your Mark

Everyone almost have the same job and responsibilities. This means that getting in front of everyone else requires something more than what you are asked to do. If you just do what is asked of you, the chances of being noticed is almost second to none. Remember that everyone else is doing what they are asked to do.

You have to dig deeper into your skills and what you can do. If you have something extra to offer to the company, the chances of being retained increases. An extra skill related to office work is highly recommended since it will signify that you can do the task of two employees which is very cost effective to the company.


Unfortunately, an approach to be insistent and helpful to the company might not always be met with enthusiasm. In fact, it could backfire and will cause you termination since you do tasks without prior approval.

Be sure to ask your employer, your boss or the owner if you could do anything else for the company. Inform them of what you can do aside from the regular tasks assigned. By getting them informed, you will gain their attention so showing your skills would be a lot easier.

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