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Fresh graduates are often challenged to find work fast or else face the consequences of not being able to support their lifestyle as well as paying for their college loan. Work will also get the fresh graduate started on their chosen career and embark a lifetime of struggles until the point wherein they would find stability and more in their life.

But getting a job is often difficult than finding one. Before we go further we differentiate what getting and finding a job means. The former means you actually now have a job and your career will now start. The latter refers to the fact that you already found a job but you are just trying to ace each requirement so that you can land a job.

Clearly, any fresh graduate will prefer to get a job than to find one. However, fresh graduates often confuse these terms which will then force them to make mistakes on finding the right job for their career. Finding a job is nothing as this would not mean that you actually have a good paying job complete with pay.

Too Much Effort

Fresh graduates would often have to deal with the fact that they are very enthusiastic over everything. Although this would seem to look like a good trait, straining your time and effort for nothing could cost you. Fresh graduates would often have to look for a job practically everywhere and try to land an interviewer to as many companies as possible. The result is conflicting schedules on interview, generalized resume and cover letters and less preparation in acing the interview to be hired for work.

Fresh graduate could focus too much in finding a job that they forget how to ace interviews and write compelling resumes. Quality has been sacrificed in quantity and this often happens especially for those who cannot find the right job right away.

Focusing on Acing the Application

Instead of finding as many open jobs as possible, it is highly recommended to find two to three desirable jobs and focus your efforts to ace one of those jobs. You will need a lot of time to think of the proper resume and cover letter that would catch the employer’s attention as well as practicing your answers so that you can impress the interviewer fast.

You cannot do any of these things if you are not prepared and have applied to many available positions. By focusing on quality, you can find the right job for you fast without having to get yourself too worked up on selecting the right job for your career.

Of course, you should be sensible on the type of job you are aiming for. By being realistic, you are improving your chances of getting the job you want. Your chances will also considerably increase if you have properly planned for the interview and have made the right cover letter and resume. Quantity in finding a job might be a good thing but it will not matter if it will not resume in a job. It’s all about quality and acing the interview to land a good job.

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