How to Increase Performance and Productivity

A fresh graduate’s first job will always be challenging since productivity will never be achieved in an instant. Sure there are those that can be productive from the first day of their job but they are not common and some can say they are productive since their assignments are very simple. As an entry level employee, this should be expected.

But fresh graduates are often tested on their ability to perform. For that reason, productivity is always asked from fresh graduates. If they are unable to perform, their chances of improving is not good while they could be a great part of the business when they are proven to be very useful in the company operations.

Head-on Productivity

Struggling to be productive is sometimes caused by not being able to deal with current demands of the job. While that fact is true, productivity could also be affected on how you treat your assignments.

For example; If you do your easy tasks first and the more difficult later, you might have this feeling of relaxing but will panic once you see the difficulty of the task. Instead of finishing on time, you end up not doing a lot at all since you were stopped by the hardest task.

Instead of choosing the easy assignments first, face the music and do the most difficult assignment first thing in the morning. This technique has great psychological effects that could help you improve your productivity.

But first is the logic: when you do the difficult tasks first, you increase your chances of finishing on time since you can speed up the process on easier tasks even if you were delayed by the difficult task. Familiarity with easier tasks would still ensure quality since you already know what to do.

The Psychological Advantages

• The feeling of satisfaction – When you are able to do deal with the most difficult task at the start of the day, you will most likely feel relieved after completing the said task. Instead of slacking until the last minute and panic since you cannot do the job, you can comfortably continue your daily responsibilities. Stress is addressed fast so your work will never be difficult everyday.

• Experience – After the most difficult task of the day, everything else would seem to be very easy. When you deal with the biggest problems first, you acquire additional knowledge that will help you deal with lesser problems. This daily experience could easily pile up which means you become a highly trained individual in the business.

• Accomplishment – Nothing says productivity more than doing the difficult task with efficiency. When you do the difficult task first thing in the morning, you increase the chances of being assisted of completing the task since everyone is accessible. Instead of scrambling for help on your last hour of shift, you gain assistance from everyone at work.

Practice this type of work ethic. It is very difficult at first but will eventually work for your advantage. A fresh graduate doesn’t have to be tied up with inexperience as there are ways to boost productivity.

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