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Job boards or job search sites is now the popular source of vacancy especially for fresh graduates. Their familiarity with technology and the internet has drawn them to different online job boards since they know how to deal with it while maintaining security of their information.

Instead of searching for local jobs, fresh graduates could consider working in other areas wherein the pay could be better and career advancement would clearly be there. Besides, being online could also help fresh graduates connect to other job seekers through social networking websites.

You could be as aggressive as you want in seeking the perfect job online through these job boards but the chances of getting hired through these websites are relatively small. In fact, less than 10% of those who use online job boards in seeking vacancies are eventually hired. If you have not been emailed or called by the company who posted the job vacancy, the chance of being hired is relatively small.

You have to remember that online job boards are primarily geared for companies, not users. Although you are highly encouraged to create a profile and search the available jobs, they are usually for the companies’ interests so that they would be able to search through the available candidates and call you in case you are interested.

Searchable Online Profile

What you can do to fully harness online job boards is to create a fully searchable profile. Companies who have access to the database of online job boards will not go through every profile online. They will use keywords in order to search through resume, and the profile that comes out will have a good chance of being called or emailed.

Creating a searchable resume is actually pretty simple. Instead of using dazzling words to impress head hunters, stick to basic keywords. Companies would usually use simple keywords so that they could get as many results as possible.

But you do not just stop on basic keywords. Using only the basic keywords will increase your chances to be searched but your resume will not gain any interest from head hunters because it is very common. As much as possible, add industry related skills so that you can distinguish yourself from other applicants. For example, a teaching degree maybe a requirement but you can always add your focus on certain subjects or additional training.

Non-Traditional Job Boards

Aside from popular job boards, consider singing up or looking at non-traditional job boards. There are websites or job search sites dedicated to an industry. There are also local job boards that you can sign up to so that the vacancies listed are limited to areas close to your location. Although they are limited in listing, the fact that they are specialized ensures that the competition for the posted jobs is not that intensive.

Always consider using job boards when you are searching for a job. Although the chances of being hired directly from job boards are not assured, you are letting your resume searchable so that companies will be able to get in touch with you in case they are interested in your skills.

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