How to Handle Information Overload

The internet, radio, newspapers, magazines, television and even your mobile phone has become a source of information. Anything you want to know could be found almost in an instant. If you know how to use the right words and the information you need is a little bit general, you will be able to find what you need in an instant.

The internet has become the “information super highway” wherein every event in the world could be reported, analyzed, photographed and if possible, recorded on video for the whole world to see.

Although the information you need is available online and other information sources in an instant, there are times that the data you need is more than what you asked for. For example, if you search for facts about the city of Orlando, Florida, you do not just get 10 sources but millions of sources online. With the massive data, you will spend your whole lifetime just looking at the websites that discuss about Orlando, Florida.

With information overload, you can easily end up with the wrong information if you are not careful. This can create stress and you will never be able to focus since you have too many information you need.

Specifying the Goal

Wading through tons of information that you need is not easy feat. But that does not mean it cannot be done. Before you set out to seek the information you need, specify your goal or the exact information that you need.

For example, you do not just go online and search for Orlando, Florida, specify if you need the population, facts about the city or data about the city mayor. You have to be as specific as you can if you want your information fast. Do not worry about not getting the information you need. The advancement of technology and the internet is now in the point that almost everything is discussed.

Verifying the Source

Aside from specifying the information you need, it is also important to get your source from a trusted website. Although there are millions of websites that discuss a single topic, only a handful of them can be really used as a good source. Websites are practically open – you can say anything as long as they are not copied.

As much as possible visit the websites created by the government, non-government organizations or persons that you recognize in the industry. By limiting your choice of websites and news sources, you should have a verified data in your hands.

Getting Things Done Faster

At work, information is power but too much information could easily lead to disaster. The purpose of simplifying your search for data is not only to help you work easier but you need to get things faster.

As a fresh graduate, proving yourself as a vital member of the company could be difficult but if you are a good source of information or someone who can find the data needed fast, you can be assured of a good position in the company. As long as you can harness technology, it can work to your advantage.

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