Smart Job Hunting Tips

The lack the availability of good jobs during recession has made most of the fresh graduate exert extra effort in looking for a job. Instead of focusing on job search for a few hours a day, it has practically become a full time task wherein you visit different companies to get interviewed.

Although this is recommended for those who wanted to find a job fast, you have to take a look at your financial situation. Finding work as fast as possible is a prerogative but you also have to remember that you can’t just do these tasks without any financial support. Yes, you can seek financial aid from parents but they will surely appreciate if you take off the financial burden from them as soon as possible.

The Part Time Job Option

The best answer to your financial problem is to look for a part time job. A part time job will not eat up most of your day so you’ll still have time to suit up and show up for an interview. At the same time, you also have a small financial support which should be enough for your daily expenses.

At first glance, almost any part time job could be good since all you need is financial assistance. But your movements, including your part time jobs could easily affect your chances of being hired. You might stay on that part time job for a very long time instead of using it as your temporary financial buffer.

You Are What You Work

You will always be identified with your part time job. For that reason, you need to look for a job related to your preferred industry. You could be a part time assistant for a well known company but if that company is not in the same industry, what you only prove is that you have administrative capabilities and nothing else. Look for a company that’s closely related to the industry you want to work for. This is even your chance of showing what you can do and even be hired for a full time position.

Temp Agency as an Option

But looking for a part time job that’s closely related to the industry you want to work for is very challenging. Some companies are not keen on hiring part time employees since they don’t see the actual input of those who only work for a few hours.

To answer that challenge, you need the assistance of a temp agency. With the temp agency, you can specify which industry you want to work for. They could also match you with companies on the industry related. Through their assistance you can land a job that could be a boost for your resume.

Do not forget about your financial responsibility while looking for a job. It’s always an imperative that you have a source of income no matter how small they are. Just make sure that you look for a part time job that’s related to the industry so that you can improve your resume while job hunting.

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