Internship as Your Ticket to Success

Education is very important if you are planning to land a good job. Through education, opportunities might even come in even before you finish school. Top notch scholars are being signed up by notable companies as they are seeking talented individuals.

But education nowadays is not the difference maker for landing a job. Employers are looking for individuals who are experienced in the industry. It becomes imperative to have relative experience before you graduate and that could only be possible through internship.

It is mostly a volunteer work in companies that are suited to your education. You learn something from there and you can add that experience to your resume. The company can use an extra hand at most jobs without having to spend a single cent. In that situation, everybody wins.

Unfortunately, you cannot just march-in to a company telling them you are there to help. They are always looking for the right intern as they do not want to end up with someone who will be a bother instead of help.

In this part, you may need the help of your professors. They could recommend a company with a recommendation letter so that you can increase your chances of getting “hired”.

Expect the Unexpected

You could expect to be working for a company related to your education but you cannot expect to have a job that could help you in your future work. There are companies who limit their interns to basic functions.

There are interns who end up making coffee, photocopying or writing letters. You could be an assistant but never learn anything.

If possible, ask the company to provide you with a detailed description of what you will do when you are accepted as an intern. Avoid companies that will provide you with vague job descriptions such as “additional office tasks”.

That does not mean that all companies are doing just that. In fact, you could end up with a company that will ask you to do very important tasks. It will be very challenging but it will provide you the experience you are looking for.

Besides, companies are not expecting you to be perfect so they will provide you a helping hand along the way.

Consider Yourself Lucky

The fact is companies have more opening for permanent employees compared to interns. If you find yourself being an intern in a prestigious company, consider yourself lucky. That experience could be placed in your resume and it will even be better if you are working for a well known name in the industry.

You will increase your chances of getting hired to your preferred company. Some were even hired by the company where they used to be an intern. If you prove to the company that you are very efficient in the task you are asked to do, you can always go back and ask to be hired.

You might not need to line up and start again to be accepted. The fact that you used to be part of the company improves your chances to be hired.

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