Exceptions for Fresh Graduates

Finding a good job as a fresh graduate is not that difficult. Sure, there are companies who prefer experienced employees but there are companies who also seek out fresh graduates. Companies believe that by hiring fresh graduates they could train the graduates to become their “dream” employee.

Fresh graduates may have learned a lot of things about the industry at school but they are practically a blank sheet of paper waiting for different input from their employers. When they are trained right, they become the best asset of a company. As a fresh graduate, you should look for companies who are looking for fresh graduates for this reason to significantly improve in your career.

Fresh graduates can also enjoy the company understanding. Not everyone could get them right the first time and it should be taken as a learning experience. Although it is a very awkward situation especially when so much is expected from you, the company will understand the little things that could happen. They will be there to help and support you. You will never be blamed but if the disaster is not catastrophic, you will be given a second chance to perform.

Do Not Abuse

But that does not mean you will be given a free pass every time you do something wrong just because you are a fresh graduate. There are fresh employees who have been terminated because of their lackluster performance. Your company will understand your small troubles but they will never tolerate any major disaster. It is still a business and not a charitable institution.

That is why you should always be careful on everything that you do. It is important that you consider your steps before doing it. If you could write them down and evaluate the advantage and disadvantages, the better. Getting confused is ok but you do not have to keep it to yourself. Ask questions so that you will know what to do without any glitch.

Become Professional

If you want to start out strong as a fresh graduate, you need to exert an extra effort. You need to research like crazy on the company history and their significance in the industry. You should also consider your competition and know what they are doing that makes them successful. These are very handy information especially when you are assigned to do something which is not familiar.

Also never forget the basics. Although our technology has made company processes easier there are small things that you still need to observe such as properly addressing your co-workers and boss through email, be polite on the phone or just being prompt for the meeting and coming in prepared with information.

Lastly, remember that practice makes perfect. Your experience will be for nothing if you do not learn from them. Write down everything that you have learned from that experience so that you can go back to that experience anytime just in case you are confused on what to do in a situation.

As a fresh graduate, you are given a free pass on most things but they are not forever. Learn as much as you can from that experience to improve your career.

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