Lucrative Industries for Fresh Graduates

Recession has undoubtedly affected millions of employees as they find themselves out of job because of the economic woes the world experiences. With nearly 10% in unemployment rate, many are panicking that the loss of job means inability to land a job in a few months or years.

But even though unemployment is relatively high, there are still industries that everyone can seek employment with relative ease – and even better pay. This is even good news for fresh graduates because these industries appeal to the younger generation.

Financial Industry

One of the most lucrative industries that anyone can consider, the financial industry offers the best chance for fresh graduates with a degree related to the industry. Although most of the leaders in the financial industry are baby-boomers, there is a great chance for fresh graduates to excel in the industry simply because of their age.

Fresh graduates are more daring, risk takers and can dedicate their skills 24/7 because of their ability to withstand the demands of trading with various clients around the world.

Mining and Oil Industry

The chance of working anywhere in the world with lucrative pay is always in these industries. Men and women can be part of the industry and earn no less than $60,000 a year. The pay can even increase if the work requires intensive labor coupled with an engineering degree.

Experience is not even a requirement in these industries. This is perfect for fresh graduates because of the physical requirements without experience. Some out of high school can even consider being part of the industry. Although oil prices are not as stable as it used to be, it’s still a necessary commodity. The mining industry also offers the same opportunity for everyone who can face the physical challenges in the industry.

Online Ventures

The current generation is the internet generation. Everything and almost anything can be done online. That means the industry is very lucrative as more and more people are going online for their various needs.
The industry of online ventures is also expanding in a very rapid manner.

Additional services are now being offered online. Businesses that are able to harness these ventures are set to earn millions in the shortest amount of time.

However, excelling in this industry is relatively challenging. The required education, business knowledge and dedication to online venture should be next to nothing. Like the financial institution, success in the industry requires 24/7 dedication.

Health Care

Recession will come and go but the health industry is here to stay. Everyone needs medical attention at one point of their lives which means the health care industry will always be needed. Even though a two-year education relative to the health industry is required, you can still easily gain success. Because of the demand of manpower in the industry, even the fresh graduate can easily find a job in the health sector.

These are only some of the industries that fresh graduates should consider. Even though they require higher than normal dedication, the financial reward is definitely better.

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