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Finding a permanent job during recession is very challenging. Companies are not keen in getting a permanent employee since they do not want to spend on salary and additional benefits. They may hire employees in the future, but not for now. That means bad news for everyone, especially for fresh graduates.

Fresh graduates will have a hard time flourishing in the job market because the competition for small vacancy is high. You may have a good college degree but you could be ignored since there are candidates that have additional education and experience.

But that doesn’t mean there are literally no jobs in any industry. A great option for fresh candidates who can’t find a regular job is to consider in becoming a substitute teacher. This is not a permanent position but will be a good source of income.

The requirement in becoming a substitute teacher is not even intensive. The minimum requirement is to have at least 90 college credits preferably with an education degree. If you’re a college graduate, you’re more than qualified in becoming a substitute teacher. Even though you don’t have any education credits, you are still qualified because of your degree.

Getting hired as a substitute teacher is relatively easy. Financially, hiring a substitute teacher is a good idea for many schools, private or public. A regular teacher should have full salary with additional benefits. The substitute teacher on the other hand, can only receive salary without additional benefits. A substitute teacher is practically getting temp help except that it’s for teaching students.

Getting hired requires a little bit of research. Before you can actually offer your services as a substitute teacher, you need to visit your state website so that you can be certified as a substitute teacher. This is enforced by much state government so that they can control the quality of the substitute teachers. There will be fees but they are very minimal (usually $25). You just have to prove that you have a college degree and you’ll be able to get that certificate.

The challenging part for being a substitute teacher is finding a school. You have to convince the school that even though you don’t have enough experience, you can still teach the students. A good way to convince the student administrator or principal that you’ll be able to teach kids is to have an actual lesson plan. This might be challenging to compose but it’s essential to prove your teaching skills.

What you need to remember as s substitute teaching is that this career has its ups and downs. That means you need to look for additional opportunities or sources of income. But if you want to establish yourself as a good substitute teacher, you need to work hard even for just a few months in the school.

If you perform good, you’ll be sure that they will call you again. This will also improve your reputation as a good substitute teacher and will be able to work with various schools. Eventually, you’ll have a constant job as a substitute teacher.

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