Summer Jobs for Fresh Graduates

Everyone knows the story about recession – because of the increasing difficulty of companies to deal with the lack of sales and earnings, they are forced to terminate employees or cut their salaries. This decreases the chances of fresh graduates to find a stable job today since no one is really hiring.

Unless you become very aggressive and have connections inside the company you want to work for, getting hired is almost next to impossible. The careers of fresh graduates would just have to wait a few months more before they could start hunting for jobs that promises a wonderful career.

The Summer Option

But that does not mean there are no jobs out there. Fortunately, there are still small jobs available that fresh graduates should consider. These jobs might not necessarily lead to a well paying career but these jobs should give you more than enough financial assistance until the recession is over.

The summer season is projected to increase the demand for workers in different industries. Since the students will be home for the summer, leisure activities will also increase which will require additional personnel to deal with the influx of more customers. Recession is here but that does not mean no one can have some fun once in a while.

Grabbing the Opportunity

A fresh graduate could easily gain an advantage in job search for the summer season. Fresh graduates could provide businesses the best of both worlds – they are young enough to understand the needs and wants of the students while they are old enough to properly run a business operation with little to no supervision at all.

Aside from knowledge of business processes as well as the potential customers, fresh graduates also have all the time in the world to concentrate on the job. Summer jobs for students are still encouraged but if you want someone who wants to work with full concentration, a fresh graduate is your best employee.


The key to find a good summer job for the meantime is to look for agencies or websites that specialize on part time and temporary jobs. These agencies and websites are connected to different companies and small businesses that need the said talents and skills. But aside from concentrating on these websites and agencies, be sure you have something special to offer as part of your education. Your education should be a good addition but more skills could mean a higher chance of being employed.

Your Own Small Business

If you think you do not want to be part of the small business process or a temporary job, why not consider starting a small business of your own. Recession is here but the summer season could mean increase of economic activities especially students.

You can use your knowledge of the current trends so that you will be able to provide something needed or wanted in your local area. You could even use your skills to offer services for a fee in your area. Although this will only be temporary but the earnings could be potentially better compared to being an employee for just the summer season.

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